One Minute Bible Studies across america

June 2019

We will be making a four stop trip across America starting  May 25, 2019 doing "One Minute Bible Studies" along the way. We will have four stops where you can join with us for the day. 

First stop Manassas, VA on May 25. The next Saturday stop will be Sparta, IL on June 1. Onto Colorado Springs, CO June 8. Our last stop will be Reno, NV on June 15.

The format of the day is that we spend that Saturday in that city seeing the sights and doing "One Minute Bible Studies" with people as we go. We will all meet in a local park (to be announced) and share a meal together that evening at 6:00 (bring your own).

You can join us for one Saturday or all of the Saturdays as we make our way across America at our own paces.