The best way to use this web page is to pin "Just Pick One" or "Escoje Uno" to your home page of your phone. You can then ask someone if they would please do a "One Minute Bible Study" with you. If they say yes, you click on the link on your homepage of your phone and go right to "Just Pick One". You and they are now looking at a list of 10 "one minute bible studies". They pick one and you click on it and read the scriptures to them and see where it goes from there.

There is something about a person saying "yes" to a straight forward request that includes the words "bible study" and the reading of scripture that opens spiritual doors. See what Jesus can do. It may lead to an affirmation of Christian brotherhood, a sharing of needs with prayer or a prayer of salvation. You can keep in contact with the person by asking for their phone number after you have prayed for them. Their positive response might surprise you.

I look for people who are "free and about" verses catching people while they are busy. If they say "no" I do my best to thank them and leave it at that. God was there and God is dealing with them even as they said "no".

This stone in the bag or tool in the toolkit is best used in conjunction with a small church, a bible study or any small group of believers that you are a part of. Here is Sparta we use this as a regular way of outreach. We gather at the church, get in cars and drive around town taking turns talking with people. We also use it when we are walking through the motions of life. On outreach and on our own, we take the time to text each other about what happened in a group text. It is pleasant to get a text from someone that they shared the word and get encouraging responses from everyone.